Ruben Montoya of Montoya Law is a workers compensation Lawyer with the knowledge and experience to win your case in Baldwin Park. Our workers' compensation attorney will get you compensation for your injuries at work, construction injury, large fall, accumulative trauma, and more. Our respected Baldwin Park attorney has won numerous awards for his determination and aggressiveness as a winning attorney. Allow us the opportunity for a Free Consultation for your Baldwin Park workers' comp case. Or come visit us at our workers compensation law office Montoya Law located here in beautiful Anaheim, CA.

We will visit you at your home or hospital in Baldwin Park if need be. Immediate action is beneficial to your case, it is important that you speak to a workers compensation lawyer or employment injury attorney. Our law office is conveniently waiting to evaluate your workers' comp case and get you compensated; therefore, Attorney Ruben Montoya and the team at Montoya Law is firm, which is dedicated to workers' compensation cases related to injuries that occur on the job, or while on assignment for your employer. At Montoya Law we understand that when the injured worker is hurt on the job, it is not something that was asked for, and they should be properly cared for. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. That is why Attorney Montoya has fought vigorously for Baldwin Park injured workers, and his efforts have been shown through the numerous awards afforded to him, not to mention his success rate in terms of record setting settlements.

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  • Cumulative Trauma Injuries (Injuries that happen over time, not on a specific date)
  • Back & Spine Injuries
  • Orthopedic Injuries
  • Brain & Head Injuries
  • Carpal Tunnel Injuries
  • Motor-Vehicle Accidents
  • Chemical or Toxin Exposure Injuries
  • Workplace Accidents Resulting in Death
  • Home Care Provider-Injuries
  • Industrial Warehouse Worker-Injuries
  • Secretarial & Office Injuries
  • And any other employees who have suffered injuries while on the job