$234,000.00 Continuous Trauma Claim Vs. USD

$234,000.00 Continuous Trauma Claim Vs. USD

Applicant came to us from a previous law firm which was recommending a settlement of $35K. The claim was denied. Applicant had worked numerous years for a Unified School District. Due to her job obligations she had numerous Orthopedic, Neurological and Internal complaints. After taking over representation of claim and developing applicant's complaints we were able to reach a settlement agreement of $234,000.00. Remember that your employer does not pay for your wear and tear due to your job obligations. The damage you suffer to your body due to you conducting your job duties for the benefit of your employer is a legitimate injury. If you suffer from pain due to your everyday job obligations call us for a free legal consultation to provide options and answer any questions.

Practice area(s): Workers Compensation

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