$500,000 Denied Case - Worsening Asthma

$500,000 Denied Case - Worsening Asthma

Client worked for a resort for which he was not being provided any respiratory protection. He was exposed to odors and closed in areas. The claim was immediately denied by the Workers Compensation Insurance. Shortly thereafter Montoya Law set client up with one of our doctors in Pulmonary Medicine. It was determined that it was in fact industrially caused. Defendant kept denying the claim. They failed to object to report within statutory time and we filed for hearing. Against the defendant's objection the WC Judge set us for trial. There was an initial offer of $100K. We did not recommend. Eventually we were able to reach a fair settlement agreement for our client of $500K with claim denied. THANK YOU FOR THE TRUST!

Practice area(s): Workers Compensation

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