$5,150,000.00 Driver Vs. Major Package Delivery Company

$5,150,000.00 Driver Vs. Major Package Delivery Company

Applicant suffered a Motor Vehicle Accident while performing his job duties. Due to his injury he incurred a Traumatic Brain Injury. The sister was assigned as the guardian ad litem for the injured worker due to his incapacity to make decisions. At the time that applicant came to us there was an offer of $2.8M. Applicant was asking for $3M. Defendant refused to increase value of offer. After coming to us and having numerous informal settlement conferences with defendant in which we provided substantial evidence of the expenses applicant would incur throughout his lifetime we were able to attain a settlement of $5,150,000.00. This was one of the highest settlements in Civil and Workers Compensation in the year 2019.

Practice area(s): Workers Compensation

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