We subbed in from a law firm who was recommending to our client to settle her case at $350,000.00.   Our client had suffered a "deglove" injury where the skin of her arm was peeled off.  Prior attorney had not developed the internal, plastic surgery, neurological issues or psychological issues suffered because of the injury.  We wen to work.  After a trial to get additional panels for all pending issues we were able to obtain all specialties.  One of the doctors without justification stated that applicant's internal issues were not industrial.  Applicant had suffered from constipation, stomach aches, etc...  We were able to obtain a medical report that the psychological effect of witnessing her arm being peeled off would be a consequence of her internal issues.  We cross-examined the doctor and had him change his mind.   We thank our client for trusting Montoya Law on for her work injury and wish her a bright future.  

Ruben Montoya

Principal Attorney