What Do I Do If I Got Injured At Work?

Many injured workers suffer a work injury and do not know what to do. They report the injury to their supervisor and nothing happens. At best they are told to take the day off. Our opinion is that this is done to discourage you from pursuing your rights further. So what should you do? First report the injury in WRITING. Send an email or text to as many supervisors as possible. Explaining the situation (example: "I fell at work while performing my job duties and have pain to my (describe every body part that hurts regardless if it hurts less than other body parts). I am demanding medical attention and documentation to file a workers compensation claim.") as detailed as possible. This will protect you in many ways: 1) Insurance cannot deny claim stating it was never reported. If they try to fire you afterwards you have documentation that you already reported an injury; 2) Insurance cannot state that you did not complain about that body part at the time of injury. By labeling all your injured body parts you are notifying them that you got injured. Many times when your employer sends you to an industrial clinic, the industrial clinic will refuse to treat all your body parts. By texting it they cannot deny that you injured all body parts that suffered an injury; 3) It is all documented and can be used in the future if employer fails to provide documentation and/or medical attention. Once you have reported the injury your employer should provide documents and send you for medical attention. Unfortunately the doctor they will send you to will be an industrial clinic who is favorable to insurance/employer and not you. Therefore once it has been documented that you receive medical attention call MONTOYA LAW ASAP. From that point on we will take care of everything. We will set you up with a doctor that will look out for your interest and take care of all the legalities. You concentrate in healing!